Trademarks, trade names and Internet domains are the three ways of transmitting the name chosen to represent the company in the market to the users of its products and services, and they represent a major asset for the company’s business activity.

Economic agents need to have a way in which to distinguish themselves from competitors and create a reputation for their products and services that may in some form be associated with their company. Trademarks, trade names and Internet domains are the three ways in which the name chosen by a company to make itself known within the market is conveyed to the users of its products and services.
Registered commercial trademarks allow clients to identify the company’s products and services, protect the company against unfair competition, and turn their trademarks into assets.
Trade names reflect the name with which a company makes itself known within the market.
Internet domains assist consumers in locating the products or services of a company on the Internet, even choosing the territory and language in which they wish to interact with the company.
Protecting these assets is essential for every company to safeguard their business efforts and advertising investments, and to be identified by consumers.
At Vilches y Asociados we analyze a new registration’s chances of success, we plan with our clients the most appropriate steps that need to be taken when registering their distinctive signs and we take action based on the specific requirements of the national markets in which they operate.

Offered services

Brand within the service; Commercial and Domain Names, our professionals will provide various services related to this management.

      • Conducting prior investigations to assess if the sign may be registered and if potential difficulties could arise due to conflicts with other signs already registered by third parties.
      • Filing applications of trade names, Internet domains, Spanish, Community or international trademarks and foreign trademarks with their related Offices
      • Defending applications in the event of objections or oppositions filed by third parties in Spain or abroad.
      • Surveillance and Maintenance. 
      • Oppositions against incompatible trademarks and administrative appeals.
      • Assignment and Licences.
      • Auditing the trademark, trade name and domain portfolio to assess the protection level attained to date and recommending remedies.