Evaluation with the customer convenience of its registration and protection strategy to follow. 

Industrial designs refer to the appearance of a product: its form, ornamentation, figure and color. Consequently, they not only cover the three-dimensional form of objects or apparatus, but also their ornamentation (for example, the pattern of their fabrics, the decoration of business premises, etc.), the presentation of screens in a computer program, or two-dimensional designs.

At Vilches y Asociados we analyze a new registration’s chances of success, we plan with our clients the most appropriate steps that need to be taken when registering their designs and we take action based on the specific requirements of the national markets in which said clients operate.

Offered services

Services related to Industrial Designs are

      • Within the area of Industrial Design, our professionals provide the following services related to this registration modality.
      • Assessing, along with the client, the convenience of its registration and the protection strategy to be followed.
      • Preparing and submitting the industrial design file in the domestic Patent Office, as well as Community models/designs, international models or industrial models/designs in Patent Offices abroad.
      • Defending it in the event of examiners’ objections or possibleoppositions, until it is granted.
      • Defending our clients in the event of third-party requirements.
      • Maintenance of the industrial designs or models granted and payment of the related renewal fees.
      • Oppositions, observations and appeals against the designs and models of the competition in Spain or abroad.
      • Auditing the trademark, trade name and domain portfolio to assess the protection level attained to date and recommending remedies.