Be it our client, an inexperienced inventor or a long-standing company in the market, our mission is to design the adequate protection of their inventions and give them proper advice. 

Patent laws in every country recognize the right of the inventor of a new product, technology or production process to exclusively exploit said invention, preventing others from its manufacture, sale or use without their consent, but only if the inventor has taken the necessary steps with national or supranational (as is the case with European Patents) authorities to register a patent or utility model, thereby having its rights recognized by said authorities.
The right granted by a patent or a utility model is “the right to exclude others” from the manufacture, use or introduction of a patented product or process in the course of trade, as well as to assign to a third party said right by means of licenses with the payment of royalties, or through their sale.
At Vilches y Asociados we study the patentability of an invention, we issue a technical report concerning earlier registrations, we draft the required specification and claims, and we plan with our clients the most appropriate steps that need to be taken to protect the most relevant technical aspects of their invention, based on the specific requirements of the national markets in which they operate.

Offered services

Within the service Patenting Inventions, our professionals perform the following services related to this management.

      • Assessing, along with the client, the patentability of the invention and the protection strategy to be followed.
      • Drafting the technical description that will support our claims before the related Spanish or foreign Patent Office.
      • Submitting the patent or utility model file to the appropriate Patent office, as well as PCT Patents, European Patents and other patent offices abroad.
      • Defending inventions in the event of examiners’ objections or possible oppositions, until they are granted.
      • Maintaining patents or utility models granted and paying for the related annuities.
      • Oppositions, observations and appeals against the competition’s patents and models.
      • Defending our clients in the event of third-party requirements.
      • Validating European Patents in Spain and Portugal, as well as performing the related technical translations.
      • Auditing the patent and utility model portfolio to assess the protection level attained to date and recommending remedies.