Knowledge of the technology patented in your own field of activity is a fundamental asset for companies, whether small and medium-sized or large companies.

Detailed information on competitors’ technology and on currently patented inventions can save your company time and money in the development of new products, and allows you to verify the real scope of the rights claimed by third parties in any part of the world.

Our firm has the necessary specialised means and personnel to carry out any type of technological research on patents and utility models, by subjects or holders and with worldwide scope.

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Offered services

Our information technology services include:

      • Studies by subjects and/or holders to discover the state of the art in a specific subject or competitor’s patent portfolio.
      • Patentability studies and rulings. These prevent unnecessary registrations by clients and evaluate competitors’ patents.
      • Studies of patent infringements from a double viewpoint: both if third parties are infringing our client’s rights and as a preliminary step to lodging a lawsuit or replying to a summons.