About Vilches & Associates

Competence, Proximity, Agility.

The people who make up VILCHES Y ASOCIADOS continually update their knowledge in order to meet regulatory and technological changes as well as the changing needs of their clients. We provide advice tailored to the requirements of each client, in their field of specialisation and with qualified experts.

We listen to our clients in order to understand their needs, understanding proximity to the client not as a commercial instrument to gain their loyalty, but as a necessary requirement to be able to attend to their needs and respond correctly to their requests.

When it comes to protecting Trademarks, Inventions or Designs, as well as when there is a conflict with an infringer, speed in acting is very important, and we have been able to build working habits and procedures that allow us to be very agile in responding and even more agile in reacting to any adverse circumstance.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is focused on the satisfaction of our clients and on meeting the expectations of each of them, who have placed their trust in our firm. We offer our clients personalised and close attention, in order to understand their needs and thus be able to comprehensively protect their industrial and intellectual property assets.

We work with a large team of multidisciplinary professionals, which allows us to address the demands of our clients with the utmost professionalism.

Our values

International Vocation

Since its foundation, VILCHES Y ASOCIADOS has specialised in developing and implementing strategies to obtain international protection for its clients' trademarks, patents and designs, providing them with the most beneficial solutions at the lowest costs.

Our firm directly represents its clients before the Patent and Trademark Offices of Spain and Portugal, as well as before the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union and the World Intellectual Property Organization. We also have a network of foreign associates that extends to 187 countries, made up of Industrial Property specialists who are distinguished by their experience, technical-legal specialisation and professional reputation.

Our experience and network of associates allow us to operate all over the world with maximum guarantees for our clients, offering them a quick and agile response in any circumstance, such as preventing plagiarism at a trade fair abroad, eliminating web pages and links with counterfeit products, detecting new applications that conflict with our clients’ rights or pursuing counterfeit products in the national or foreign market.

Our Experience

Our professionals make up a multidisciplinary team that, since 2001, has managed all types of registration of Inventions (Patents and Utility Models), Corporate Image (Trademarks, Trade Names and Domains), Industrial Designs, Software (Intellectual Property Registrations and Patents) for industrial and service companies, both national and foreign, from multiple sectors and sizes.o.

At Vilches y Asociados we use the latest technological tools to access specialised sources of information and for the control and monitoring of files, which allows us to offer our clients the best service.

We are able to provide our clients with Technological Information on Patents and Designs, as well as updated information on existing Trademark registrations worldwide, which allows us to offer them a much deeper understanding of their competitors and the business opportunities in their markets.

Our team is made up of specialists with extensive experience and proven professionalism, enabling us to provide outstanding advice and meet challenges anywhere in the world.


We are committed to advising our clients to avoid conflicts with other trademark or patent right holders and, if conflict is unavoidable, to obtain the most advantageous solution for our clients.

Among the actions we take in defence of our clients’ rights are the audit of their assets and needs, the registration of Intellectual Property in the markets that really matter for their business, the professional management of their portfolio of intangible assets and the continuous monitoring of their business to anticipate new needs and respond to new threats.

To this end, we continuously update the legal and technical expertise needed to manage our work more effectively and we have the most efficient technology for file management and for technical and trademark searches.

We have an absolute commitment to our clients’ confidential information, which translates into complete discretion over the cases we handle, guaranteed by means of a confidentiality contract and by the client’s right to professional secrecy.

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