Intellectual Property

We certify the ownership of intellectual property rights for literary works, musical works, paintings, videos etc.

In the Spanish legal system, Intellectual Property is the set of rights that correspond to authors and other owners (artists, producers, broadcasters, etc.) with respect to the works and services resulting from their creation. All original literary, artistic or scientific creations expressed by any means or medium, tangible or intangible, currently known or to be invented in the future, are subject to intellectual property, although inventions and business methods are expressly excluded from Intellectual Property.

Although the intellectual property of a literary, artistic or scientific work corresponds to the author by the mere fact of its creation, and therefore registration is not required to have this right, acquiring reliable proof of authorship (by means of registration before the Intellectual Property Registry or other evidence) establishes a presumption of who is the author and holder of the exploitation rights, which is a very effective proof in case of infringement.

At Vilches y Asociados we analyse the type of right to be protected and, depending on the requirements of our clients, we obtain the means of evidence that can be used in the future to prove their copyright.
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